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Würst Bier Hall, BernBaum’s & Boiler Room Featured On Cooking Channel


It took five seasons for ‘food enthusiast’ Casey Webb to make his way to Fargo. The host of Cooking Channel’s ‘Man v. Food’ takes on food challenges across the country, from big cities to small, and three popular downtown eateries were featured on an episode that first aired on March 3rd.

Man v. Food first debuted on the Travel Channel in 2008 and lasted for four seasons with original host Adam Richman. Webb began hosting when the show was rebooted in 2017 and last year it moved to the Cooking Channel.

Each episode of the show concentrates on different eateries in cities across the nation but ends with Webb taking on a ‘food challenge’. In the past, he’s tackled giant sandwiches, platters of hot wings and massive steaks with all the sides. In Fargo, his challenge was, of course, tater tot hotdish.

On his way to eating a dinner of four by himself, Webb ate his way through a couple other popular downtown Fargo destinations.

Würst Bier Hall

The Spaetzle Mac & Cheese at Würst Bier Hall is their take on the German dumpling dish.

On the episode, Webb’s first stop was at Würst Bier Hall Downtown where owner Lisa Meyers introduced him to their take on a traditional German dumpling. Webb joined Meyers in the kitchen to learn how to make their über-popular Spaetzle Mac & Cheese.

Sampling the dish, Webb says the Spaetzle Mac & Cheese is “soft, really moist” and “the cheese sauce is so creamy.” Taking another bite of the dish, Webb says, “I just need more mac and cheese in my mouth!”

Webb isn’t alone in his love for the dish. BuzzFeed says Würst’s Spaetzle Mac & Cheese is the best in North Dakota according to Yelp.

Lisa said the experience of having the television crew in her kitchen was positive. “It was great! Casey’s awesome—he is so nice, and he’s fun, funny, and very easy to talk to and be around, and I was more comfortable with him in the kitchen than not,” Meyers said. “Casey’s the best, the whole experience was amazing.

Meyers, her husband Bert and his twin brother Klaus, are also the proprietors of Dempsey’s Public House on Broadway and the new Beer & Fish Company on Robert’s Alley.


swedish meatballs from bernbaums
Bernbaum’s Swedish meatballs with sour cream gravy, lingonberries and fennel cucumber pickles. [Photo by Erica Rapp]
On his next stop, Webb joined chef Andrea Baumgardner in the kitchen at BernBaum’s. Chef Andrea was recently nominated for the prestigious James Beard award for Best Chef in the Midwest.

Stepping into the kitchen at BernBaum’s, Chef Andrea showed Webb her style of Jewish-Scandinavian fusion with her Blintzes with Lingonberry Sauce. The blintz is a traditional Jewish crepe, rolled up with a sweet center, which Chef Andrea serves with a Swedish lingonberry drizzle.

Until recently, Bernbaum’s was best known for their house-made bagels, and their breakfast and lunch menus. In December, they began full dinner service from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday through Sunday each week.

See our article BernBaum’s Launches Delectable New Dinner Menu for a full look at the menu.

Boiler Room

The Cooking Channel's Man v. Food host Casey Webb preparing to take on Marge's Hot Dish Challenge at the Boiler Room in downtown Fargo.
The Cooking Channel’s Man v. Food host Casey Webb preparing to take on Marge’s Hot Dish Challenge at the Boiler Room in downtown Fargo.

At last, the Man v. Food host reached his ultimate Fargo destination to come face to face with his food challenge – a 3 lb. casserole dish of tater tot hotdish at The Boiler Room. Marge’s World Famous Hot Dish, named after the new Marge’s Bar next door, is a slightly fancier version of the traditional midwestern casserole served at church suppers and family dinners all over Minnesota and the Dakotas.

The Boiler Room menu is full of hearty fare and comfort food like Rumchata French Toast, meatloaf, pub-style burgers and sandwiches, and their famous Scotch Eggs. With a full bar and tap menu, the basement eatery has plenty to offer diners at any time of day.

Boiler Room’s Chef Kent Larsen gave Webb a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation of the hotdish he would be facing. Larsen added to Webb’s anxiety by telling him the 3 lb. dish would normally serve a family of four.

“You are today’s typical midwestern family,” Larsen told the Man v. Food host.

For the challenge, Webb had 30 minutes to consume the cheesy dish, and if successful would win a buffalo plaid Marge’s bomber hat. Larsen called the hat “highly fashionable”.

We won’t give away the outcome, but a sizable crowd gathered at the Boiler Room to cheer Webb on. You’ll have to watch the episode to see if Man or Food won this round.