Rapper Mac Lethal
Rapper Mac Lethal

Rapper Mac Lethal Coming To The Aquarium In April


Promoter Jade Presents has announced that Rapper Mac Lethal will play The Aquarium in Fargo with Crypt, Feral the Earthworm & Jantzonia on Monday, April 20, 2020.

Kansas City’s David McCleary Sheldon, also known as Mac Lethal, is a rapper and hip hop artist and founder of Black Clover Records. He’s also been a member of the Rhymesayers Entertainment roster and raps that include what The Inlander referred to as “left-of-center beats, jazz vibes, soul samples, clever rhymes, socio-political awareness.” Mac Lethal thinks Nikes are obscenely trendy. He also wears them from time to time.

After putting in over a decade of hip-hop elbow grease; he one day realized he has put entirely too much time into honing his craft. The problem was, however, that he hasn’t put nearly enough time into saving his money, laying off the booze, overcoming his weakness for seductive women, and finally creating his groundbreaking album that explains this strange enigma of a man.

Featured in Urb Magazine’s Next 100 in 2003, next to 99 other artists that still work day jobs, Mac Lethal really had made some deep impressions on the music industry. He was the media’s little pitbull puppy — terrorizing rappers at prestigious events like Scribble Jam and taking the championship belt, or gorilla-style touring with hip-hop flagship artists Atmosphere, P.O.S. and Sage Francis.

When asked about such remarkable accomplishments, Mac Lethal said, “Being addicted to sleeping pills is like being addicted to Kool-Aid. All it does is add flavor to nature’s fine creation.” Um. He may have said something slightly more pertinent to his music career, however, he was eating a delectable slab of Kansas City BBQ and was hard to understand.

That has been his theme: Being hard to understand.

Rewind 26 years. Get out of your time machine, stretch out a bit, and walk to Kansas City, MO, where you will find a young McCleary Sheldon in the warm arms of his lovely mother. Spending his whole life under her free-spirited, very musically interactive supervision, Mac developed a deeply compassionate and playfully wild sense of creativity. Falling whole-heartedly in love with hip-hop music at a young age, he spent years polishing his own brand of the artform, until it finally earned him attention, and a record deal, from Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Being able to take a painfully beautiful situation and extract lighthearted laughter out of it, or being able to take a lighthearted situation and highlight the painful beauty of it; McCleary Sheldon is nothing different from Mac Lethal’s hilarious, emotionally in-tune musical character. In fact, Mac Lethal is never out of character. Even with the bald head and twangy accent, one of Mac’s characters may be making out in the back with a girl who likes 30 packs.

On 11:11, Mac Lethal’s debut album, Mac takes the listener on a sonically catchy, sarcastic, and tortured ride through the sensual and confusing maze he was trapped in. Finding harmony within pop-culture, lust, sleep, food, drugs, and alcohol, you are befriended by a generous, playful man who you instantly fall in love with.

This is the part where we work in the fact that it’s only a matter of time before Mac Lethal’s brilliant music will shoot him into large, mainstream success.

If You Go


MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2020 | 7 P.M. DOORS | 8 P.M. SHOW | 21+

THE AQUARIUM | 226 Broadway North, Fargo, 58102

Tickets on sale Friday, February 14, 10 a.m. A special online-only presale takes place Thursday, February 13, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with an exclusive password from the Jade Presents app.

General admission tickets $18 in advance; $20 day-of-show. Additional fees may apply.

Event link: https://jadepresents.com/event/2020-mac-lethal-fargo/