A Preview Of Mezzaluna’s New Fall Cocktail Menu

trio of drinks from mezzaluna

The flavors of fall are upon us, and it’s much more than just pumpkin spice. Despite the recent appearance of snow, Mezzaluna is here to cure your fall fever with the launch of new menu items from both the restaurant and the bar. Bar manager Max Parker gave us a preview of a few cocktails, both classic cocktails and original recipes, that you should be sipping on this autumn.

“We usually keep everything very inclusive. As far as fall goes, I like to capture that vibe that summer is going out but not completely gone. There’s a lot of stuff in season during the fall and I think you get more variation with the spirits you can use and how you use them,” said Parker. “There are flavors such as chocolate, coffee, more spice––having a palate to layer those is what makes fall cocktails more fun.”

And when asked about what he sees trending in cocktail creations this season, it seems that approachability and sophistication are maintaining their place in the mixology realm. “Cocktails that have simplicity, but also bring a lot of flavor to the table with their flavor pairings. Something that doesn’t look too intense to the eyes, is approachable, but still has big flavors.

“Another trend that is popping up is that cocktails are getting more and more sophisticated, more crafty and more people are drinking different things. I think cocktail culture is really starting to pick up here in Fargo,” Parker said.

mezzaluna drink
“Self Care” – a Mezzaluna original with Hayman Royal Oak Gin, Aperitive Cocchi Americano (aromatized wine), jasmine simple syrup, fresh lemon juice
mezzaluna drink
Mezzaluna’s revival on a Philadelphia Fish House Punch, a classic cocktail that dates back to the 1700s. Hine Cognac, Apleton Jamaican Rum, Peach Leopold’s Whiskey, house-made lemon cordial, lemon juice, nutmeg for garnish
mezzaluna drink
“Life After Death,” a Mezzaluna original with Santa Theresa Rum, cocoa-nib-infused Amaro Lucano, spiced coconut demerara syrup, Angostura bitters

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