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Photo of Paradox Comics-N-Cards owner Richard Early in front of new building
Paradox Comics-N-Cards

Big Moves Ahead for Paradox Comics and Orange Records

Fargo residents can expect some exciting changes this coming summer and fall as two beloved local businesses, Paradox Comics-N-Cards and Orange Records, prepare to relocate to the former Mexican Village building at 814 Main Avenue in downtown Fargo.

Paradox Comics-N-Cards

Paradox Comics-N-Cards is expanding significantly, offering double the space, ample parking, and easy access on and off Main. Ave. The store is now merging its retail and event areas into one giant space, which is sure to be a haven for comic book enthusiasts, gamers, and fun-seekers alike.

The new location will feature a spacious layout, perfect for browsing the extensive collection of comics and collectibles, discovering new games, and participating in their events. With its impressive new facilities, Paradox Comics-N-Cards is set to become the ultimate destination for those seeking a truly immersive shopping experience.

The new Main Avenue location will feature double the space for products and events. (Paradox Comics-N-Cards)

Fans can expect everything they love about Paradox, plus additional hobbies and family-friendly gatherings. Richard Early, Owner of Paradox Comics-N-Cards, says to stay tuned for the exact opening date this summer, with exciting events and sales leading up to the grand opening!

Orange Records

Orange Records is taking its business to the next level by relocating and expanding its store. They will now be located in a dedicated section of the same building where Paradox is situated, and this move will nearly double their floor space. With this additional space, they will be able to offer a more extensive range of CDs and expand their record selection, providing music lovers with a more diverse selection of music to choose from. Customers will also appreciate the convenience of on-site parking, making it easier to access their store.

In addition to this, Orange Records has exciting plans to host various events, such as record swap meets and live music performances in their new space. This will allow customers to interact with fellow music enthusiasts. Overall, Orange Records’ relocation and expansion promises to be a fantastic development for their business and for all who visit their store.

Orange Records plans to expand their CD section after the move. (Fargo Underground)

Paradox owner Early says he is thrilled about the transition and invites everyone to celebrate with upcoming sales, parties, and surprises. Don’t miss the much-anticipated Grand Opening – mark your calendars for details coming soon!

Both businesses see this move as an opportunity to create a better experience for their customers in an iconic Main Ave. location. “It’s all about preserving cherished memories and creating new ones!” says Early.