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Curiosity Week December 13-19 Hopes To Build Up Technology Community

This year, Emerging Prairie and Emerging Digital Academy are setting out to spark curiosity in the tech community with the creation of Curiosity Week. From December 13th – 19th, Curiosity Week will be filled with events that focus on building up the technology community in our region. This week will provide digital events ranging from keynotes, workshops, panels and courses that focus on professional development and learning opportunities for tech professionals, those new to the industry and those just curious about a career in the tech profession. 

Since events will be available digitally, workshops and sessions will be hosted throughout the region. This allows our community to safely explore all that Curiosity Week has to offer. Attendees can attend one event or all of them depending on their interest and/or skill level. 

While there are a range of free events, there will also be an All Access Pass available for purchase. The All Access Pass will give attendees access to 10+ advanced courses and workshops for professional development. These events will be geared towards technology professionals to enhance their skills. The All Access Pass is $149 and allows the attendee entry to any Curiosity Week event. Advanced courses and workshops could cover the following topics: UX/UI, React Native, React, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Testing, GIS/Mapping, Bootstrap, Material UI/Chakra, Python, PHP / Laravel, VueJS, Data Science / Visualization, Generative Art, along with other topics and technologies. 

If you’re interested in teaching, speaking or hosting an event during Curiosity Week, email Liz Campbell at [email protected] We’re looking for individuals, businesses and community organizations that are interested in bringing education and impact to the technology community. By participating in a Curiosity Week event, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique experience rooted in the power of curiosity, education and community. 

Find more information about events, tickets and registration on our website at