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Mobile Pro Strengthens its team with the Addition of Three Team Members


Mobile Pro, the Fargo-based full-service event production company, recently announced the strategic appointment of three new team members. These industry veterans, joining Mobile Pro’s ranks, will further amplify the company’s ability to deliver standout experiences to its clients and audiences across the country.

Joining the team is Executive Director of Client Services Whitney Wright, Warehouse Lead & Production Specialist Aaron Laxdal, and Systems Engineer Jeremy Germain.

The trio of hires brings a diverse array of talents and years of experience in the event production industry, further solidifying Mobile Pro’s position as a leading provider of end-to-end event solutions. This hiring move aligns with the company’s expansion strategy and ongoing commitment to offering unparalleled service and creativity to its clients.

Whitney Wright

Mobile Pro is thrilled to announce that Whitney Wright has joined its dynamic leadership team. Bringing her vast experience from Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, where she served as an Event Manager planning and executing national and global events, Whitney will be a key asset to Mobile Pro as the first point of contact for new clients.

Whitney’s responsibilities at Mobile Pro include working closely with potential clients, expertly translating their visions for their events into executable plans, and ensuring a smooth process from initial estimates through to contract signing. Beyond her role as client liaison, Whitney will also lead the marketing efforts for the organization and act as the crucial bridge between the staff and the company’s owner, ensuring day-to-day operations run seamlessly.

Whitney recently returned to Fargo after several years in Arizona, where she not only managed events nationally and globally but also developed a strong partnership with Mobile Pro as a strategic production ally. She brings with her cherished relationships and insights from her collaboration with Mobile Pro’s team, enhancing the existing synergy and camaraderie within the company.

In Whitney’s own words, “Mobile Pro’s commitment to excellence and customer service surpasses what I’ve seen from other production companies around the US. I knew the only place I wanted to be upon moving back to Fargo was Mobile Pro.”

When not pouring her energy into orchestrating unforgettable events, Whitney enjoys exploring the world with her husband, refining her skills on the tennis court and the golf course, and engaging in various activities that bring her joy and relaxation. This balanced lifestyle, rich in exploration, connection, and rejuvenation, only amplifies her passion for creating memorable experiences at Mobile Pro.

Aaron Laxdal

Mobile Pro is excited to welcome Aaron Laxdal, an industry veteran with over 12 years of experience, to their dedicated team as the Warehouse Lead & Production Specialist.
Aaron honed his skills at HB Sound & Light, where he was instrumental in setting up a broad range of equipment for concerts and corporate events. From speakers, lights, and mics to truss, LED walls, TVs, and staging, Aaron’s adept handling of event equipment is truly comprehensive. In addition to his technical prowess in setting up, he also has a proven track record of flawlessly running equipment during live shows.

Aaron is an alumnus of IPR in Minneapolis, MN, where he earned an Associate degree in Audio Engineering. At Mobile Pro, he will continue to use his expertise in setting up equipment for events and will take charge of organizing the warehouse. His main goal in this role is to create an efficient system, making it easy for the team to find and access the right gear for each event.

Speaking about his decision to join Mobile Pro, Aaron stated, “I’ve interacted with some of the people here in the past, and they’ve always been pleasant to work with. The opportunity to continue doing the work that I love, in such a supportive and professional environment, made the choice to join Mobile Pro straightforward.”

Away from his professional role, Aaron immerses himself in the world of gaming. Whether it’s video games or tabletop games, Aaron is a passionate gamer across all formats. He also enjoys dabbling with musical instruments in his spare time, adding another creative layer to his already impressive skill set.

Jeremy Germain

Mobile Pro is delighted to announce the addition of Jeremy Germain, an accomplished Systems Engineer, to their dynamic team. Jeremy brings an extensive and diverse range of experiences from his 13-year tenure in the Marine Corps, roles in product design and manufacturing in various startups, teaching at a college, to implementing software in his recent position as an Estimator at JSM Woodworks.

In his new role at Mobile Pro, Jeremy aims to leverage his considerable expertise in various areas, including 3D modeling and software implementation, and contribute towards process improvements. He believes in an open-minded approach to work, always willing to listen, learn, and share his knowledge.

Jeremy’s decision to join Mobile Pro resonates deeply with his long-standing passion for technology. He recalls, “Before I joined the Marine Corps, I was fascinated with tech things like CAD, graphic design, sound and video production. So when Mobile Pro presented itself, I saw it as a call from my past life and eagerly grabbed the opportunity.”

Outside of his professional sphere, Jeremy shares his life with his supportive wife, Stephanie, their tech-savvy teenager, Owen, and their loving dog, KT. He jokes that Stephanie is the “true brains of the operation,” helping him keep track of life’s many responsibilities.

In his downtime, Jeremy embraces his inner nerd. He’s an avid gamer, with Diablo being a long-standing favorite for over two decades. He also enjoys reading, with a particular affinity for the works of Terry Goodkind and various philosophical musings.

In his own words, Jeremy adds, “I’m thrilled to be a part of Mobile Pro. If all we have is the illusion of time, the freedom to choose how we spend it, and who we spend it with, truly makes all the difference.”