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Swing Barrel Brewing

Swing Barrel Launching ‘Let’s Get Naked’ Acoustic Series March 23


On Thursday, March 23, 2023, Swing Barrel Brewing Co. is launching a new live music series in its Moorhead taproom. “Let’s Get Naked” is a music series featuring four local bands stripping down their sound for an unplugged night of acoustic music in the taproom.

The first series will run from March through June and includes performances from local artists Hiahli, Treo’Soul, Walking Phoenix, and The Jensen Sisters. Each band will be playing at 7:30 pm on their scheduled night.

According to Swing Barrel, the goal of this series is to offer talented local musicians an opportunity to share their music through an intimate, acoustic medium rather than a fully amplified, big-band sound. They say stripping down the sound and playing acoustically creates a raw energy that highlights a player’s true talents. There’s no hiding any flaws behind a wall of noise and effects when you’re standing naked on stage. It’s just the player and their instrument.

Swing Barrel says they’re excited to have this series in the taproom and to collaborate with local artists.


About Hiahli:
Hiahli is a live hip-hop band that plays rock n roll instruments. The high-octane MC, Cold Sweat, delivers his Golden-Age Hip-Hop style over a variety of musical stylings. In addition to the usual fatback rhythms, you may hear some undercurrents of outlaw country, disco, and funk. The group weaves a tapestry of sound taking the listener through grungy, boom-bap beats that inspire good times. And, always, a trip to the moon.

About Treo’Soul:
Treo’soul is a 2-3 piece band that plays an eclectic blend of poetic neo-soul, soulful R&B, and groove.

About Walking Phoenix:
Walking Phoenix is a four-piece group based out of Fargo, ND. Boasting a Modern/Alternative Rock feel all while branching out to their roots in Pop, Americana, and even Jazz influences.

About The Jensen Sisters:
A modern duo rooted in the old-school twang of the country singers, outlaws, and roots-rockers who came before them, the Jensen Sisters are torchbearers of a sound they proudly call “new wave retro country.”