Photo of metalcore group Fit For A King
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Fit for a King set to Rock Fargo in April

Get ready for a massive night of heavy music as metalcore giant Fit For A King takes the stage at the Sanctuary Events Center on Sunday, April 21, 2024. Joined by special guests Chelsea Grin and Kingdom of Giants, this concert promises to be a sonic journey through raw emotion and unyielding power.

Fit For A King

Fit For A King (FFAK) weaves heavy music and melodic hooks to explore the dark corners of the human experience. Their music transcends mere entertainment, delving into themes of anxiety, depression, and the struggle for hope. With earnest determination, they stand against the mounting pressure of modern life, offering a battle cry against the darkness.

Fit For A King – End (The Other Side) [Official Music Video]

The members of FFAK bleed authenticity. They know pain, and in their raw vulnerability, they find solidarity with their audience. Beneath the stormiest downpours, they cling to unrelenting grace.

Fit For A King – Hollow King (Sound of the End)

FFAK was forged with bootstrap ethics and a do-it-yourself spirit. Their self-released material caught the attention of Solid State Records, leading to a string of successful albums. Notable releases include:

  • “Creation/Destruction” (2013): Debuted at Number 6 on the Hard Rock chart.
  • “Slave to Nothing” (2014): Cracked the Top 50 of Billboard’s Top Current Albums.
  • “Deathgrip” (2016): Climbed to Number 5 among Hard Rock Albums.

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