From Ashes To New Still Panicking Tour Hits Fargo In March

Photo courtesy Jade Presents

The future is something that all of us must deal with yet it’s often uncertain and that was the case when it came to the making of From Ashes To New’s sophomore album “The Future”. The follow-up to 2016’s, “Day One”, which saw the band break into the Top 10 Active Rock Chart with the track “Through It All” and featured streaming hits “Breaking Now” and “Lost and Alone”, ‘The Future’ sees the Lancaster, Penn.-based group embracing a new path, revealing a new lineup and marking a massive step forward.

Following the success of “Day One”, the group’s drummer and co-vocalist stepped away. Vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Matt Brandyberry focused on a path forward and in 2017, he began working on the new album with drummer Mat Madiro (Trivium) and guitarist Lance Dowdle—but still tried finding a vocalist who could complement Brandyberry’s rapping. Once the songs started coming together the trio starting auditioning vocalists and Brandyberry kept coming back to Danny Case. FATN’s chemistry lies at the core of “The Future”, an album that sees the band expanding their music palette and taking their blend of rock, hip/hop, pop and metal to new heights. From the relentless, syncopated groove in “Wake Up” to the arena-ready anthems like “Gone Forever” and “Crazy”, to the hip-hop/electronica-influenced hybrids like “My Name”—“The Future” is a unique album.