FMVA Big Art Show Displays Huge Personality

Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists Big Art Show

Over 70 personalities fill the frames and molds of art currently displayed throughout the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County gallery at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead. Ultra realistic portraits, neon colored clowns, and abstract lines forever drawing the eye back and forth all represent the unique identities of local artists from all walks of life.

The Big Art Show, presented by Fargo-Moorhead Visual Artists (FMVA), is a capsule of characters who make up the area’s creative types, from ceramicists, sculptures, painters, photographers, jewelers and printmakers. The exhibition represents a year-long effort to promote and support quality visual artists by providing a space to share works with the public and educational opportunities to expand new and seasoned artistic talents.

While the exhibition showing through June 9, 2019, is one of the largest and most anticipated events of the year, the FMVA continually fosters creativity by partnering with the community and cultivating an artistic community as well as creating opportunities for exposure to the community. The inclusive venue allows each artists’ voice to shine through and isn’t stifled by submission criteria or experience requirements.

locals observe pieces displayed at the Big Art ShowAll the members of Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists come together once a year to show their work. Side-by-side, they support one another in a show that features various faces from the community. Some are new, many are cherished for their unique styles, and a few serve as pillars of inspiration.

“Anybody can become a member of FMVA,” said Sarah Dotzenrod, who serves as president of the organization. “It doesn’t matter if you’re an artists, advocate, or supporter, everyone is welcome to become a member.”

As a volunteer-run group, each of the board members who serve the organization donate their time and resources in an effort to support local art. Thanks to the countless devoted members who work to educate and put on events, the art community continues to blossom with vibrant personality and charisma.

World Systems Theory by Malcom Thompson
Try It On By Cynthia McGuire Thiel
I’m with the Band by Marcy Dronen
Mood Follows Action by Nick Walberg
Red Rocks by Birgit Pruess

Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists promotes and supports quality visual arts by educating and encouraging visual artists and their communities. Membership is open to artists, art educators, art patrons and individual sponsors.

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