Drekker Brewing Company, Fargo Underground, And FM Area Foundation Team Up For Coronavirus Benefit For Service Industry

All Together FM joins worldwide effort to provide financial support for service industry workers

Drekker Brewing Company, Fargo Underground, and the FM Area Foundation are teaming up to raise funds for out of work hospitality industry workers in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Drekker Brewing Company is brewing a beer called “All Together” that will raise money and lend a hand to bar & restaurant workers who have been laid off or had their income drastically reduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The beer is being brewed this week and they’re hoping it’ll be available for sale in late April.

It’s part of a worldwide collaborative effort called All Together, started by Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, NY, where breweries around the world brew a beer and donate the proceeds to local hospitality industry workers. “We’d been looking for more ways we could help and when we heard about the All Together beer project it really seemed like a no brainer for us to get involved. This will get money directly to people who’ve been out there helping us by serving and selling our beer and helping our company grow for years now, so we hope we can raise enough money to help them out in these uncertain times,” said Jesse Feigum, Co-Owner of Drekker Brewing.

Drekker’s All Together beer will be available at the taproom and at retailers later in April.


Since there’s currently no organization for Fargo-Moorhead bar & restaurant workers, Drekker enlisted the help of Fargo Underground, which has become a hub of information for things going on in local bars & restaurants. Fargo Underground was already working on a virtual tip jar where people could go online and donate directly to their favorite local servers and bartenders, so of course, they were on board with creating the altogetherfm.com website and host the signup form for affected workers to register to receive a share of the money raised by the beer and our amazing community.

Drekker Brewing Company, Fargo Underground, and the FM Area Foundation have teamed up to create AllTogetherFM.com – a coronavirus benefit for out of work hospitality industry workers

“During this time when we’re all told to just do our part and stay home it feels good to be able to use our time and resources to do something to help our friends and neighbors who are really struggling right now,” Maren Jorgensen, co-founder of Fargo Underground, said.

The Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation stepped up and created a fund so anyone in the community can donate directly to this effort if they’d like to help out with the helping out. Drekker Brewing will be donating the proceeds of this beer into this fund but it’s open for anyone in the community to donate as well at alltogetherfm.com.

Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo bar & restaurant workers who wish to take part in this program need to register at alltogetherfm.com by May 15th to be put on the list of recipients. Every dollar raised will be paid out no later than May 31st directly to our local bar & restaurant workers who register. Bar & restaurant workers are also invited to create their own All Together Tip Jar on the site, where the community can “tip” funds via popular cash apps like Venmo, PayPal and others.