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Stampede: Young Entrepreneur Meet Up

Kick off 2018 with Stampede! A young entrepreneur meet-up that is a casual place for you to focus on your business and build a community while doing it.

This month: Start fresh

Get your ducks in a row and back to the basics with us! Whether your business has been around for awhile or is a mere idea- this meet up is all about what you do, what you don’t do, and why you do what you do! We’ll be covering mission, vision, and values.

Show up ready to dive into the year with a clear idea of what you’re doing!

Join us Monday, January 8th at Thunder Coffee’s pop-up location at 216 Broadway N (Ecce Gallery Space) at 7:30pm.



Stampede is a space for postgrads, drop-outs, and community cravers to come together, ask questions, share successes, give advice, and do this thing called young entrepreneurship and self-employment with a team behind them.