Brewhalla Market Names Businesses Coming To “Food & Entertainment Wonderland”

Construction on the much anticipated Brewhalla is well underway and now they’re giving everyone a look at what will fill the Market and create what the group describes as a “Food and Entertainment Wonderland”. Brewhalla has released the initial list of businesses that will be joining the Brewhalla Market and this group of all local, small businesses is sure to create some buzz and get people excited:

Blackbird Woodfire Pizza
Luna Market
Mångata Wine & Raw Bar
Unicorn Park Fine Foodery
Cows & Co. Creamery
Duchessa Gelato
Nichole’s Fine Pastry
Thunder Coffee
Drekker Brewing Company
Bark’n Biscuit
Livin’ the Dream Pottery
The Plant Supply
Red River Refillery


Drekker is well known for dreaming up popular events and creating a community space in their brewery taproom. Now with their Brewhalla expansion project, they’re taking that concept to new heights.

“We’re building a whole new neighborhood where people can enjoy shopping at creative local stores, share outstanding food from some of Fargo’s best restaurants and come together as a community in a space that is constantly activated with events and energy,” explains Mark Bjornstad, Brewhalla and Drekker Brewing President.

The market building itself is part of the experience as well. Dining and lounge spaces surround the market and offer gathering and event spaces all under a giant skylight that showers the 4 story market atrium with natural light. Compare it to an open-air market but with four-season comfort.

The Brewhalla Market will have options for everyone and offer guests a uniquely Fargo entertainment experience. The mixture of businesses joining the Brewhalla Market was very intentional and focused on delivering a balance between food and activities you can enjoy on-site and gifts and grocery items to take home.

“This is such a great group of creative entrepreneurs and Fargo ambassadors. It’s fun to see how everyone is already working on ways to collaborate and build this neighborhood,” shares Hailey Von Wald, Brewhalla Supreme Experience Conductor.

The Brewhalla Market businesses are pretty excited too. For many of the businesses joining the Brewhalla Market, this is their first brick and mortar, some are looking to move their business and make a new home at Brewhalla while others are using it as an opportunity for a second location in the community.

For Jackie Maahs of The Plant Supply, the Brewhalla Market presents the perfect opportunity for their first-ever brick and mortar location.
“We’ve spent the last few years selling at pop-up events without a permanent shop and people are always asking if we have our own store,” explains Maahs. “We’re excited we can finally say ‘Yes!’ and we can’t think of a better home for The Plant Supply than the Brewhalla Market.”

The Plant Supply will have a shop where customers can select beautiful plants along with handcrafted pots and a knowledgeable team with the mission of making owning plants more enjoyable and helping people grow happier.

Ashley Morken, owner of Unglued, saw the Brewhalla Market as an opportunity to expand its offerings and events. One with so many possibilities they decided that moving their popular gift shop to the Brewhalla Market was the best way to continue to grow and bring new things to life.

“This was a dream opportunity to upgrade our gift shop, grow our crafty events with local makers and collaborate with other businesses who are all seeking to create more amazing experiences for our community,” says Morken.

Unglued will have a space for their whimsical gift shop filled with unique items from over 200 local and regional makers and the added dream of additional space, specifically designed for hosting craft-making classes and events. Morken shares that this is one of the main ways Unglued will be able to fulfill its mission of inspiring creativity.

Other local businesses, like Thunder Coffee, are using Brewhalla as an opportunity to expand their growing business and continue to foster a sense of community.

“We couldn’t be more excited about being a part of this project. Nearly every small business involved is someone we know, have served or partnered with along our way,” shares Skyler Dutton, one of the owners of Thunder Coffee. “To us, this feels like a neighborhood within a building, and we can’t wait to share the experience with the visitors of Brewhalla.”

The coffee shop and roastery has seen rapid growth since opening and they’re looking to expand into another area of the community. Dutton explains they are excited to have this new location on the busy First Avenue North corridor as it’s a gateway to the downtown area. They will have a drive-through option for those busy commuters on the go as well as serving the guests who choose to lounge in the market spaces.

The Brewhalla building towers over the neighborhood already and construction continues to make good progress, with completion targeted for sometime this fall. In the meantime, Brewhalla has already begun booking weddings and corporate events for their event center and the hotel will start taking reservations for the custom-designed rooms later this year.

Brewhalla isn’t waiting for construction to be completed to get the party started though. Drekker Brewing Company is already gearing up to host many events this summer that will highlight all of the unique offerings coming to Brewhalla and give the community a sneak peek and early taste.

With an exciting team of businesses, events, and lodging all packed into this exciting new project, Brewhalla is primed to be a new travel destination as well as a favorite, local hangout for the Fargo community.