Block 9 Launches Updates in the Skyway Thursdays at Noon

The downtown Fargo skyway system has become a great place for interested people to watch the construction of Block 9. The bird’s eye viewpoint offers close-to-the-action views from a warm perch.

The public is invited to join the Kilbourne Group Thursdays at noon in the skyway, at the window facing west on Broadway, directly across from the skyway mural. They will have project leaders on hand to share what’s happening on site and answer questions you have.

Block 9 is soon to being rising out of the ground. Construction crews are beginning to ramp up with the start of above grade concrete pours on the tower and precast assembly in the ramp, both on track to begin by the end of January. Current construction crew numbers are at 75 per day, and expected to be near 90 within the next few weeks. The tower is expected to have it structure at full height (235 feet) by late fall of 2019, and the ramp precast structure will be fully assembled by late spring and ready to park cars in late summer.

Architectural drawing of the south face of the Block 9 building. [Kilbourne Group]
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