Editorial Team

Communications Director, Kilbourne Group

Adrienne is the Communications Director for Kilbourne Group in Fargo. She is an experienced writer and editor who loves Downtown Fargo-Moorhead. You can often find her at downtown events and hanging out with friends at Dempsey's.

Managing Editor

Erica is the managing editor at Fargo Underground. She is also very active in the local scene and can be found slinging beers at Front Street Taproom. In her free time she is in Halloween mode year-round, thrives on trying new food and loves being a Sphynx cat mom.

Communications Coordinator, The Arts Partnership

Ethan C. Mickelson is a creative mind with The Arts Partnership. He's a writer at heart, producing weekly content highlighting TAP Partners, but also an aspiring videographer, printmaker, sushi expert and events guru. Ethan received a degree in strategic communications from North Dakota State University.

Movie Reviewer

Kyle Iverson is a Producer at WDAY Radio and is the current President of The Fargo Theatre Executive Board. He writes reviews of first run movies at The Fargo Theatre. When not reviewing films, he enjoys attending live music, collecting vinyl records, sipping on craft beer and relaxing at the lake. He lives in Fargo with his wife Rebecca.

Business Manager

Maren is a Fargo Underground founder and has worked in the television industry as well. She is very active in the downtown Fargo-Moorhead community and is an advocate of the businesses and residents of the area. She loves puppies, good music and great bourbon.

Contributing Writer

Nik Gruber is a luthier, music teacher and owner of Gruber Guitars in downtown Fargo. He is heavily involved in the local music scene and hosts jam nights and teaches at Minnesota State University Moorhead and at Amped School of Music.

Contributing Writer

Shane is a volunteer writer for Fargo Underground. He lives and plays in Downtown Fargo, where vegetarian food is plentiful and the beer flows like water. He likes cats and comics.