Pets welcome at Brewhalla
Drekker Brewing Company

Brewhalla Becomes First Pet-friendly Food & Drink Establishment in Fargo


Today, Drekker Brewing Company in Fargo announced that Brewhalla has become the city’s first fully pet-friendly food & drink establishment. The City of Fargo & Fargo Cass Public Health have approved the local entertainment venue to host pets inside their facility.

Drekker worked with the city and county health departments to establish a set of guidelines that will allow well-behaved to be in Brewhalla. They say that pet owners will need to adhere to the guidelines in order to make sure they maintain compliance with the health dept and that everyone, especially those without pets, has a good time.

The rules:

  • Only well-behaved pets are allowed. Seriously. If you have a pet that’s just full of energy or one that doesn’t do well around other animals or in public – don’t bring them. We get that you want to take little Sir Barks-A-Lot everywhere but it’s not fair to everyone else to have to listen to or deal with your pet.
  • Pets are not allowed in any food preparation areas, at any order-up counters, or on any chairs or tables. Pets are also not allowed in any brewing area or raw material storage areas.
  • Pets must remain on the ground leashes), under control, and attended to at all times.
  • Pets are welcome to use the designated pet relief area at the northeast corner of the building. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets in the pet relief area. Pets are not to relieve themselves anywhere indoors, on the turf, or on any patio areas.
  • Pets are welcome to use designated Brewhalla water bowls. Pets are prohibited from eating from Brewhalla dinnerware, trays, or utensils.
  • Noisy or aggressive pets will be asked to leave
  • Pet owners are responsible and liable for the actions and behavior of their pets at all times.
  • Brewhalla reserves the right to ask any pet owner and pet to leave at any time.
  • So bring your pets, keep those four paws on the floor and let’s all have a good time!

This is an exciting opportunity for pet owners and furry friends to enjoy Brewhalla. Drekker says, “Bring your pets, keep those four paws on the floor, and let’s all have a good time!”