Downtown Community Partnership Announces Broadway Monument Award Recipients


Fargo’s Downtown Community Partnership (DCP) is excited to announce the 2021 Broadway Monument Award recipients. This award is presented annually to community members and organizations who have demonstrated outstanding service to Downtown Fargo through the giving of their time, talents, and resources to further the goals and objectives of the DCP. Several of the 2021 awards were presented during the DCP’s annual Member Mixer, Monday, November 15, 2021.

The 2021 award recipients are:

City of Fargo
The City of Fargo has been a champion of its Downtown for many years and 2021 was no different. The City has brought the tools and resources to the table that are necessary for a large-scale community impact project like Block 9 and Broadway Square to come to life. These assets were, and continue to be, essential in attracting partnerships and maximizing the breadth that this project has had on the Downtown Community.

Block 9 Partners
Block 9 Partners have been influential in making Broadway Square come to life from its early stages. Block 9 Partners realized early on the potential for the space, and how it would attract all ages through all seasons. Estimated to attract 300,000 people into the Downtown Neighborhood annually, it’s an impact that was felt not just in 2021, but one that will continue year after year.

Fargo Park District
Fargo Park District, alongside Block 9 Partners and City of Fargo, has been a significant piece in shaping Broadway Square to the community hub we recognize it as today. The District’s commitment to bringing the community together through its work has only grown with Broadway Square, and is exemplified through consistent programming and activation across all seasons.

Mike Erickson | Sanford Health, DCP Board of Directors
Mike Erickson has served two terms over six years with the DCP Board of Directors, concluding in 2021. His proudest accomplishments include helping implement the Business Improvement District for the downtown neighborhood in 2012, as well as helping navigate the DCP through financial hardship during the pandemic.

Erickson has worked at Sanford since 2011. He is the Executive Director for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for the Sanford Fargo market as well as Executive Director for Sanford’s Facilities & Support Services. This is in addition to offering leadership in numerous other teams there. Mike and his wife Nichole live in Moorhead with their daughter Quinn and son Quade who are involved with many sports, many of which Mike coaches. Erickson is currently a Board Member for the YMCA of Cass and Clay and the Fargo Parks Foundation. 

Downtown Fargo is a place that just keeps getting better and it’s a result of committed neighborhood champions, cultural and creative engagement, small business ingenuity and corporate leadership. The Broadway Monument Award is the Downtown Community Partnership’s opportunity to recognize extraordinary efforts and initiatives that have propelled downtown forward. This year’s recipients have had a direct, positive impact on downtown Fargo and our organization,” said Adrienne Olson, Chairwoman for the Downtown Community Partnership. 

To be considered for the Broadway Monument Award, a recipient must have a history of service to the Downtown Community Partnership and/or support of DCP activities. Overall, the award is largely based on one’s engagement and impact to Downtown Fargo Community as a whole. Award winners have made exemplary contributions and demonstrated a commitment to serving and advocating for downtown Fargo.